Get Lost

(and love it)

El Barranco de Luz

Up the mountain

The house is an old renovated mountain farmhouse at an altitude of over 1000 metres.

It is “off-grid”, with its own solar electricity and its own water supply through an irrigation system (acequia) dating back to Roman times.

It goes through the few colder months heated by wood-burning stoves.

The house is divided into two adjacent but totally independent units, one of which we now offer for rent.

At the end of the road

You will arrive at our place (and already a little bit at your place) after a 20 minute drive from Lanjaron, the nearest village, by a 7 km track, half of which is asphalted while the other half is dirt, bumpy and often dusty.

You don’t really need a 4X4 but a Fiat 500 would have trouble.

Getting here by car is quite a journey and that’s also what makes this part of the Alpujarra so special and precious.

Yes, beauty is sometimes not directly within reach.

We hope you will discover the same magic that continues to amaze us after more than 6 years.

Even though you are only 50 kilometers from the nearest beach or from the city of Granada, you might feel far away from civilisation. Enjoying your new mountain nest, you might not want to travel back and forth to the village to just have coffee or a quick run. In that case, it could be useful to plan ahead your food supplies and your touristic activities. 

What is the best season to visit us?

Because they are all clearly different, you will most probably find the right season that suits your personality, your likes or dislikes, and your expectations.

May - June

Wonderful birth of spring, warm not yet hot, everything is green, nature is growing all its leaves and sprouts, with plenty of water running from the top of the mountain, terrific hiking.

July - September

farniente, pool, Andalusian or Mexican mood, siestas, long starry nights, parties.

October - November

Weather changes, strong winds, possible rain.

December - March

Winter, beautiful light, mountain feeling, cocooning, clear view to the sea and sometimes even to Morocco, cold nights, wood stove evenings, long walks along the acequia.


Almond trees in blossom!


Capricious weather, winds, clouds, sun, nature is awakening and turning green again.

Nature’s cycle is then completed.

The place

We have planted vines, olive trees and quite many other varieties. We have also started a small vegetable garden. We even try to make our own wine. 

So, you might see a few tools lying around, a truck delivering wood, a friend lending us a hand for field task or for wine tasting…

We will be there to answer your questions, but discreetly enough to respect your need for peace and quiet. 

The land is wide, offering all the space to walk, do yoga, meditate, swim, dream… 

From our region, you have access to the many famous hikes of the Alpujarras. Whether you are a contemplative walker or an experienced hiker, along our acequia or up to the top of the Mulhacen, there are so many paths for you to take and to explore the sublime Sierra Nevada. 

Beyond a few rooms and a swimming pool, what we want to share with you is a flavour of nature, atmospheres, surprises… a way of life away from our hectic world.